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Meaghan Dawley:
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Spring 2 Swim Lessons Options


Children of all ages 
Private Swim Lessons 30min One-on-one instruction by experienced instructors. Perfect for beginner through advanced. Contact the Aquatics Department at one of our branches for more information.
Goldfish (S.N.A.P) 30min program Customized programs for children with special needs: develop water safety and swimming skills, focuses on developing self-confidence and self-esteem.

Parent & Child 6mos-3yrs Please register according to the age of the child, not the skill level. 30 minute classes. All classes are water orientation classes. They are designed to teach your child to enjoy the water in a safe, fun and comfortable environment.
Parent/Child* 6-36mos
Inia 13-18mos 

Pre-School 3/5yrs
Children and instructors work together to develop progressive skills. No parent participation. 
* (combined level 1 & 2) No pre-requisites. Group situation and learn to move through the water independent of adult support.
Pike Level 1** Child cannot swim independently. Apprehensive/first time experience. Basic swimming and water safety skills are begun. Flotation devices used.
Pike Level 2** Child can swim independently with back float, is not apprehensive and may be trying to paddle stroke. 
Eel Swim, float and jump with minimum flotation.
Ray Must be able to jump in, swim 25’, float on back independently, and have beginnings of a backstroke.
Starfish Must be able to swim 25 yard front crawl with rudimentary rotary breathing, and back crawl for 25 yards.

Youth 6-13yrs
(combined level 1 & 2) Teaches water orientation skills, arm stroke, kicking, rhythmic breathing, flotation & self-confidence.
Polliwog Level 1** No prior experience/demonstrates hesitancy in the water. Assisted paddle stroke, blowing and kicking.
Polliwog Level 2** Beginning to swim independently and is comfortable in the water. Front and back glides and rhythmic breathing introduced.
Must be comfortable immersing face in water, floating on back, and swimming 30 feet independently.Regional YMCA Swim Lessons
Must be able to swim 25 yard front crawl using consistent rotary breathing, 25 yard back crawl, tread water for one minute, jump into the deep water and float for one minute.
Must be able to swim 50 yard front crawl utilizing consistent rotary breathing, 50 yard back crawl, perform a front dive, float on back and tread water for 2 minutes.
Flying Fish* Advanced level with emphasis on endurance swims and stroke development of all four competitive strokes and sidestroke. Individual medley, racing starts and lifesaving skills are also covered.
Shark** For the accomplished swimmer in the YSWIM Program. Encourages new experiences: Swim team, life guarding skills, snorkeling and water sports and games are among a few we hope to cover.
Stroke & Turn Develop stroke quality through stroke development (must be at Fish level to enter this class).

Adult Swim Instruction Learn to swim using proper techniques in a friendly environment.

Competitive Swimming & Sports

Mako Swim Team Junior Mako pre Team 5-10yrs

The Mako Swim Team is the Regional YMCA’s competitive
swimming program for swimmers 6 years and above.
The program is led by a professional coaching staff and
is supported by a strong volunteer group. The program
offers opportunities for young swimmers, teenagers and
adults to develop friendships, in addition to improving
their swimming skills. Members of the Mako program are
provided with a positive structure that enhances physical
conditioning along with good sportsmanship, leadership
skills, discipline, responsibility, honesty and respect. For
more information about the Mako Swim Team programs
please visit
(All participants of the Mako Swimming programs must be FULL Members.)

The Junior Mako program offers two practices sessions
per week that will focus on the development of the four
competitive swimming strokes through proper balance
and stroke coordination. The guidelines for the twelve
week program are set by the Mako coaching staff and
practices are conducted by a member of the Mako Swim
Team professional coaching staff. All new participants to
this group are required to complete a swim assessment
where they must successfully demonstrate the ability to
swim 25 yards of freestyle with their face in the water
and without stopping. All participants must be FULL
Members. Classes meet twice per week.


See our program guide here, call or come in to one of our branches for more info

* Classes take place ONLY at our Boughton Street Branch
** Classes take place ONLY at our Greenknoll Branch