With the Y, you’re not just a member of a facility, you’re part of a community. Because the Y is for everyone, we bring together families and friends like no other organization can.

We encourage good health and foster connections with new and old friends through sports, fun and shared interests.


Full membership at the Y includes the following benefits:

  • Recreation swim time and lap swimming

  • Outdoor pool access (Greenknoll Branch)

  • Open gymnasium time

  • Cardio and weight equipment

  • FREE group exercise classes

  • FREE wellness kickstart with trainer

  • 4 FREE guest passes

  • Guest privileges at participating Y’s

  • NO contracts!

  • FREE babysitting service for family memberships


Wellness Plus

Includes Fitness Membership, Indoor Track (13 yrs+)and Health Center (Must be 18 yrs+ includes Sauna, Steam Room).


Includes Fitness Membership, Sauna and Track (13 yrs+).

Non Member

Allows you to register for fee based classes only – does not include other usage of the facility.

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Category Joiners Fee Wellness Plus Wellness
Family* $75 $109/month $93/month
Adult Couple** $75 $107/month $91/month
Single Parent Family $75 $95/month $80/month
Adult (27 thru 64) $75 $83/month $72/month
Senior Couple*** $75 $102/month $82/month
Senior Citizen**** $75 $79/month $62/month
Young Adult (18 thru 26) $75 $49/month $42/month
Teen (13 thru 17) $75 $40/month
Youth (Birth thru 12) NO JOINERS FEE $30/month


*Family: 2 adults & children thru 21 years of age living in the same household. Family Membership includes FREE Child Watch (babysitting) while you workout!
**Adult Couple: 2 adults living in the same household.
***Senior Couple: At least one adult must be age 65 and older.
****Senior Citizen: Age 65 and older.

Special discounts for the following members:

  • Veteran & Clergy: 25% OFF their Joiner’s Fee and Membership Dues
  • Inactive Military, Police, Fire, EMT’s: 25% OFF their Joiner’s Fee and Membership Dues
  • State of Connecticut: No Joiner’s Fee & 10% OFF Membership Dues

Please call or visit us to inquire about memberships for:

  • Open-Door Income Based Memberships
  • United Health Care: AARP Medicare Supplemental Plans & RenewActive
  • Corporate Memberships for participating companies
  • Military and Service Personnel Discounts
  • YMCA Gift Certificates are available to be redeemed for membership, programs and/or swim lessons.

The Regional YMCA of Western Connecticut believes in providing memberships and programs for all. That’s why we here at the Y provide financial assistance for children, teens, adults and families who cannot afford the full cost of Y membership.


  1. Get started by printing the Financial Assistance application below Complete the form, and attach a copy of your most recent tax return, and last 2 pay stubs or required income verification. Then return your application with supporting documents to ESCAPE to the Arts, or Greenknoll Branch.
  2. Allocation Your information will be held in complete confidence and will be seen only by Y staff.
  3. Our Policy YMCA membership and programs are open to everyone. When the costs of our services prevent an individual or family from participating, the YMCA will offer financial assistance, as funds are available to those who are eligible. Financial assistance is provided to applicants who meet criteria established by the Regional YMCA of Western Connecticut. This includes family size, household income, expenses and extenuating circumstances.
  4. Recipients are typically expected to be responsible for a percentage of the membership cost. Qualification for assistance is reviewed annually.

* Please allow 30 days for processing.
* Financial Aid for membership must be updated quarterly to ensure that you are using the facility.
* Financial Aid for programs must be applied for through our Program Directors.

Nationwide Membership Policies

Nationwide members may use our facilities. Nationwide members must present Member Services Desk with a valid membership card(s) from their home YMCA.

  • Nationwide members may take our free programs however; they cannot take a space away from a paying member (meaning you cannot reserve a bike for an Indoor Cycling class).
  • Nationwide members must pay Program Member fees for the use of Child Watch.
  • To take fee-based programs, Nationwide member must activate a membership with the Regional YMCA.
  • It is our right to verify with Nationwide members YMCA their utilization if they are using our facility more than their home facility. It is our right to contact Nationwide member to explain they need to have an active membership with our facility if they are utilizing more than their home branch.
  • Nationwide members do not receive free guest passes. Nationwide members who wish to bring a guest can do so for $10.
  • Nationwide members do not receive free access to our Health Center; it is $15.00 per visit.

Child Care

Babysitting is FREE with a full Family or Single-Parent Family membership.

  • Ages allowed are 3 months-9 years of age
  • 2 hour MAX when leaving your child/children in babysitting room
  • No outside food allowed in child care room for food allergy purposes.
  • You may supply a beverage for your child/children when dropping off for the duration of their stay.
  • Please apply sunscreen during warm months since we take children outside on playground.
  • On babysitting slip please provide where you will be in the facility. We will need to locate you if your child/children need their diaper changed.
  • Same person who drops off MUST pick up, unless you notify childcare staff.
  • You may only pick up your child/children form babysitting.

Child Supervision Policy

No child under the age of 13 years will be allowed in the facility without an adult (18yrs+)

  • Children 12 years and younger must have an adult present in our facility, including at the pools at all times.
  • Children under the age of 6 years must have a parent/adult (18yrs+) in the water with them at all times.
  • Children age 7 years and over must use the locker room of the same gender.

Cancellation of Membership

This is a continuous membership plan. It is my understanding that if I wish to terminate or change my membership in any way, I must give the YMCA 30 DAYS WRITTEN NOTICE. (Member must complete the membership cancellation form in person at the branch).

Member Card Policy

All members are required to present their membership card to the Member Services Desk upon entering the facility. Membership cards are the property of the Regional Y and must be surrendered upon demand of this institution. Lost cards will be replaced for a $5 fee.

  • If you are a Wellness Plus member you must bring your Wellness Plus card when entering the facility. If forgotten, the front desk staff will have to let you into the facility. We will no longer allow you to leave yourcar keys/license if you forgot your card. To replace card, it will cost $5.00 per card.
  • We reserve the right to revoke a membership if a member is caught giving their membership card to a nonmember to use.

Cell Phone Policy

Video recorders, cameras, or any other visual recording devices are not allowed within the YMCA without the express written consent of the Branch Director or CEO. Cell phones now have the capacity to take pictures. To protect members and guests from unauthorized photos, the use of cell phones in locker rooms is strictly prohibited. Anyone caught taking pictures of another person without their permission and knowledge will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law by the YMCA and may lead to the termination of their membership. Contact member services with any concerns.

  • There is no cell phones allowed in the cardio/weight rooms, functional fitness room or cycle studio unless you are using it for recreation purposes (listening to music, reading a book).

Inclement Weather Policy

Any facility closings will be posted on our Website, Facebook Page and a voice message will be left on our phone lines. By State Law, all pools are subject to close in instance of thunder and lightning and will remain closed for a half hour after the lifeguard(s) on duty have heard the last boom of thunder.

Joiners Fee

A one-time joiner’s fee is due for all Full members upon joining/rejoining the Regional Y. Joiners fee will be waived if reactivating a membership within 60 days of cancellation.

Membership Hold/Freeze

A member may put their membership on hold for $5.00 per month up to (3) months per calendar year. Members may not access the facility while membership is on hold. To put membership on hold, member must fill out a skip/hold form at the Member Services Desk, allowing 30 days’ notice before next draft date. After the last skipped month, draft will automatically begin.

Monthly Dues Payment Options

  • Monthly Draft: Monthly payments will be drafted from your checking or savings account, debit or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover or Amex).
  • Annual: Fees are paid in full upon joining/renewal via cash, check, debit or credit card.
  • Down Payment: Down payment (joiner’s fee + pro-rated first month) is due at time of enrollment and is based on join date.

Program Cancellation

All the programs have a minimum participant requirement. The Y may cancel a program due to low enrollment.

Program Participants

  • If your child is taking classes and is less than 6 years old then you must be close by to supervise the class. Please ask your class instructor where they would prefer you to be during class times.
  • If your child is taking classes and is at least 6 years old and you are a full member then you are free to use the facility while your child is in class.
  • Teens who are 13 and up have all the privileges of an adult member, fitness classes included!
  • Please make sure we have an accurate emergency phone number for inclement weather or injury.

Program Refunds

If the YMCA due to weather or other reasons cancels a class, a voucher will be issued. If the participant misses a class, no voucher or refund will be issued and no make-up class will be given.

  • Any request for session refunds must take place within the first week of current program session or a $10.00 fee will be subtracted from refund amount. (To be approved and applied by Program Director)

Rate Change

The YMCA Board of Directors may, at their discretion, adjust the monthly rate applicable to my category of membership. I understand that I will receive at least a four-week notice prior to any such change.

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