Here at the YMCA, a wide variety of aquatic programs are offered to meet the needs of swimmers of all ages and abilities. Swim lessons swim teams, therapy programs, lifeguarding certification and exercise classes are held in our year-round pools. Certified instructors staff all of our classes, with your safety and enjoyment in mind.

Interested in recreational swim? Lap lanes are available every hour we are open where members can use the pool to swim in a continuous pattern—sometimes in designated lanes that might be shared with others. Open swim is a designated time when the pool or a section of the pool can be used for recreational swimming or family time.

Aquatics Contact:

Anneliese Kappel
Aquatics Director
203.775.4444 x 133

A New Wave of Impact

The Regional Y’s making a splash! We’ve expanded our pool capacity to offer more lap lanes and open swim for families throughout our facility. Lap Lane Swim available every hour we are open, Master Swim classes for novices to elite swimmers, more group and private swim lessons, and new classes like Intro to Diving. Check us out – we’re more than you expect!


*  These are general schedules for the 3 pools, they are subject to change without notice depending on programming and special events. Please refer to the main schedule page for the most current schedule.

MAIN POOL - Lap Swim

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
5:00am-9:45pm 5:00am-9:45pm 5:00am-9:45pm 5:00am-9:45pm 5:00am-9:45pm 6:30am-9:05am 6:30am-6:45pm

MAIN POOL - Open Swim

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
1:15pm-9:45pm 1:15pm-9:45pm 1:15pm-9:45pm 1:15pm-9:45pm 1:15pm-9:45pm 1:00pm-6:45pm 9:00am-6:45pm


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
1:30pm-8:30pm 8:30am-10:00am 1:30pm-8:30pm 2:15pm-8:30pm 1:30pm-4:15pm 1:00pm-6:45pm 10:00am-12:00pm
2:15pm-8:30pm 5:15pm-8:30pm 1:00pm-6:45pm


Youth Development & Aquatic Center

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
5:00am-2:00pm 9:00am-2:00pm 5:00am-2:00pm 9:00am-2:00pm 5:00am-2:00pm 9:00am-1:00pm 9:00am-1:00pm

The World is

71% Water

Children are

100% Curious

Teaching children how to be safe around water is not a luxury; it is a necessity. The YMCA’s Safety Around Water program can help you make sure they learn essential water safety skills, which can open up a world of possibilities for them to satisfy their curiosity safely.

What Is Safety Around Water?

Through learning how to perform a sequenced set of skills over eight lessons of 40 minutes each, the risk of drowning is reduced, giving your child confidence in and around water.

Session Activities

  • Exercises to help kids adjust to being in water
  • Instruction in “Jump, Push, Turn, Grab” and “Swim, Float, Swim,” two skill sets kids can use if they unexpectedly find themselves in the water
  • Specific safety topics, like what to do if you see someone in the water who needs help
  • Fun activities that reinforce skills

Help Keep Your Children Safe

Drowning can happen nearly anywhere with standing water. But, as a parent or caregiver, you can’t keep your children sidelined. You need to equip them with the tools they need to be confident in and around water so they don’t lose out on the health benefits of exercise, the opportunities to bond with family and friends and the sense of accomplishment when they learn new skills.

Enroll in a YMCA swim lesson or group exercise class to keep up your aquatic skills and be water smart from the start.

boy smiling with towel

Aquatics Contact:

Laurie Houseknecht
Aquatics Director
203.775.4444 x 133