Arts & Humanities

Arts & Humanities

Over the years, our YMCA Arts and Humanities program has established within the Greater Danbury community. Whether an individual has an interest in visual arts, cooking, or dancing the YMCA offers activities for children, youth, teens, adults and families to express themselves while building healthier spirits, minds and bodies.

ESCAPE to the Arts

ESCAPE to the Arts offers a variety of classes for people of all ages interested in exploring or refining their artistic and creative abilities. The philosophy: ESCAPE (Encouraging Structured Creative Arts Programs and Education) is practiced daily through the motivating programs offered for youth, teens, adults and families. Classes run once a week through the full session.

The Art Gallery at ESCAPE to the Arts is a professional gallery space devoted to exhibiting works by local, regional and emerging artists, while enhancing the arts and culture of downtown Danbury.

Birthday Parties at ESCAPE to the Arts offers children’s art themed parties that are available for ages 4-12 years on Friday evenings, Saturday or Sunday afternoons.

Arts & Humanities Contact at ESCAPE to the Arts:

Joan McCaffrey
Administrative Assistant

Greenknoll YMCA

Collaborating with ESCAPE to the Arts, the Greenknoll YMCA encourages the community to participate in creative thinking through art classes and events. Some past events the Y has hosted are Family Artist Night; Paint, Palettes and Pour, etc.

Arts & Humanities Contact at Greenknoll YMCA:

Maria Neufeld
Youth, Teen and Family Program Coordinator
203.775.4444 x 109