Summer Club At Greenknoll

Summer Club At Greenknoll

The Summer Club at Greenknoll is an alternative camp experience offering both indoor and outdoor activities. Indoors, children have the opportunity to play board games, computer games, stay out of the sun and stay cool in our air-conditioned space. Children also have the space for small groups and individual play. Outdoors, children have the opportunity to participate in different activities such as ropes courses and team building (age requirements), music and nature, as well as use of the playground, sand, outdoor pool, and gaga pit. Children at Summer Club will also participate in YMCA Camp Greenknoll Fun Day Friday activities. The Summer Club at Greenknoll will also take field trips to several off-site locations, like Lake Compounce and Splash Down Beach, in addition to participating in several in-house field trip programs that provide workshops at our facility.

Summer Club Contact at Greenknoll:

Sean Turner
Camp Director
203.775.4444 x 103

How to Register Online for YMCA Camp Greenknoll

  1. Visit; in the top right corner click “My Account.”
  2. From there please login, or create an account if you are new to the Y. When filling out the information for your account, please use your child’s name.
  • If you are currently a member of the Y but do not have an online account, please choose, “I want to set up online access for my account.” If you are not currently a Y member, please choose “I don’t have an account, but I want to create one;” you will then Greenknoll as the location, and choose “non-member” as your membership type.
  • You will also need to add “unit” to the membership if you are registering more than one camper. If you are having trouble logging in or creating your account, please call the Y at (203) 775 4444.
  1. Click on Programs, then click on YMCA Camp Greenknoll.
    • There are two camps that you are able to register for. Camp Greenknoll, our outdoor camp, and Greenknoll Summer Club, a technically separate camp that spends more time indoors and goes on field trips.
    • When you are registering, please be sure to select the correct camp that you are looking for.
  2. Select the first week you are registering for. If you are registering for more than one week, select “Register for multiple offerings for this camp (8 more)” located at the top of the page, and select the additional weeks.
  3. Select the weeks you would like your child to attend camp, and complete the online registration form.
  4. To register an additional camper select “Add More Programs.”
  5. Please direct any questions about registration to

Week 1: 6/22     Surf’s Up

Aloha summer! The best way to start off the summer days is to surf up and soak up the sunny rays. Campers will enjoy luau and beach inspired festivities and even slip down a giant water slide.

Week 2: 6/29     Party at the Y (Closed July 3rd)

A classic backyard picnic party to help celebrate the holiday. A week full of patriotic and wholesome red, white and blue fun.

Week 3: 7/06     Game Show

Come on down! Want the chance to guess the right price, take one minute to win it or answer the ever looming question, are you really smarter than a fifth grader? Game show week will give campers the opportunity to compete in their very own Greenknoll games.

Week 4: 7/13     Carnival

Come one, come all, to Camp Greenknoll Carnival! Popcorn, games, prizes and more, nothing but smiles and fun to explore.

Week 5: 7/20     Color Wars

The ongoing battle of Red vs. Blue continues. Blue won back the title summer 2019 but it seems near impossible to hold onto it for a consecutive year. Can they beat the odds and hang on to the trophy?

Week 6: 7/27    Camp Show

A week of song, dance, memories and hilarious outtakes. Tribes will work hard and practice all week in order to create their own unique performance to present to camp and families on Friday. Rain or shine, the show must go on!

Week 7: 8/03    Superhero

Calling all superheroes! Do you have what it takes to compete and defeat? Dress up as your favorite hero as you navigate your way through obstacles in our very own superhero training and earn the right to call yourself a true gallant Greenknoll goer.

Week 8: 8/10    Survivor

Campers will take part in rituals, compete in physical and mental challenges for rewards and outwit, outplay and outlast until one remains as the sole survivor tribe.



girl getting a piggyback ride

Pricing $20 Registration Fee

The weekly fees for camp are as follows

Ages: 5 to 12 (must have completed Kindergarten)

Dates: June 22nd – August 14th

Time: 7:00am- 6:00pm

Cost: $300 /Week (includes Field Trips) (July 1st $240)

For your convenience the YMCA accepts Master Cards, Discover, Amex, Visa, and debit cards.

Care 4 Kids accepted.

Due at the time of registration

$20 registration fee and a $50 non-refundable deposit per week per child. Non-refundable after May 29, 2020.

smiling kids give thumbs up

Week 1: 6/22     Monster Mini Golf

Week 2: 6/29     Science Tellers

Week 3: 7/6     Quassy Amusement Park

Week 4: 7/13     CT Science Center

Week 5: 7/20     Splash Down Water Park

Week 6: 7/27     Magic Show

Week 7: 8/3     Lake Compounce Park

Week 8: 8/10     Riverside Reptiles

kids in team huddle
7:00 – 9:00 Indoor Activity
9:00 – 9:15 Snack and Change for Swim
9:25 – 9:55 Arts and Crafts or STEM Activities Indoors
10:05 – 10:35 Outdoor Play
10:45 – 11:15 3rd Grade and Up Swim Lessons
11:25 – 11:55 1st and 2nd Grade Swim Lessons
12:05 – 12:35 Lunch
12:40 – 12:55 Clean up and Transition
1:10 – 1:50 Indoor Play/Theme Activities
2:00 – 2:40 Free Swim
2:50 – 3:30 Outdoor Play/Theme Activities
3:40 – 5:00 Snack and Outdoor Activities
5:00 – 6:30 Transition to Annex and Indoor Play
kids in pool using noodles

Each Monday children are tested and placed in the appropriate swim level. During the week children are taught appropriately. At the end of the week children are retested, some children may remain at their level and some may up move up to the next level. Swim is offered twice per day, morning is instructional and afternoon is recreational. Some children, regardless of age may require a life vest. Life vests are given to campers based on their swimming ability and in some cases their height. It is at the discretion of the Aquatic staff. Swim Instruction is taught by Red Cross Certified instructors.

SWIM BASICS – Recommended skills for all to have around water

SWIM STROKES – Skills to support a healthy lifestyle

What is the difference between YMCA Camp Greenknoll and Summer Club?

YMCA Camp Greenknoll is an outdoor program with approximately 350 children per week, which are broken into groups based on gender and grade. All activities are outdoors. YMCA Camp Greenknoll does not participate in field trips. Camp Greenknoll also runs for 9 weeks.

Greenknoll Summer Club is a smaller program based indoors with no more than 50 children. Children in the Summer Club program are for the most part, one group, but are split by age group for swimming lessons. Summer Club participates in one field trip per week. Summer Club also runs for 8 weeks.

Can I go to both camps?

Yes, you can sign up for different weeks at both Summer Club and YMCA Camp Greenknoll.

When does Summer Club start and end?

Summer Club will begin on June 22nd and ends on August 14th.

Do I have to sign up for all 8 weeks?

No. You can sign up for 8 weeks or 1 week. To get a more complete experience, most families sign up for 3 or more weeks. You only pay for the week(s) you are attending.

How much does it cost to attend Summer Club?

The cost per Summer Club varies. Greenknoll Summer Club is $300 per week. There is also one time $20 registration fee Field trips and a t-shirt for field trips are included in this tuition rate.

What are the Hours?

Summer Club scheduled activities are from approximately 9:00am – 4:00pm. We also have extended care from 7:00am – 9:00am and from 4:00pm – 6:00pm at no extra cost.

What are the themes for Fun Day Fridays for this summer?

Week 1 June 22 Surf’s Up
Week 2 June 29  (Closed 7/3) Party at the Y
Week 3 July 6 Game Show
Week 4 July 13 Carnival
Week 5  July 20 Color Wars
Week 6 July 27 Camp Show
Week 7 August 3 Superhero
Week 8 August 10 Survivor

Are the children divided into groups?

At Summer Club the children are usually together as one group. However, for swimming lessons and field trips, children are broken into groups.

Do you provide transportation to YMCA Summer Club?

No. Transportation is the responsibility of the parent/guardian.

What do the kids need to bring with them each day?

Children should bring Sneakers, sunscreen, water bottle, towel, and goggles if they like to wear them while swimming. Also, bring a backpack or something to carry these items when going outside.

Should I pack sunscreen and bug repellent?

Absolutely. If your child is sensitive to bug bites and sun, both are recommended. We ask you apply sunscreen in the morning before coming to Summer Club. Younger children will receive help applying sunscreen and older children will be supervised. Children will be encouraged to reapply during the day.

Do they have cubbies/lockers?

Yes, campers will be able to choose a cubby to keep their belongings in. There is a hook and two compartments to put back packs, lunch boxes, sunscreen, towels, sneakers/flip flops, etc.

How do you travel to field trips?

Summer Club will travel by school bus for each field trip.

Should children be dropped off ready to swim?

They can be, but they don’t have to be. We will have time in the morning to change into swim clothes in the two bathrooms within our facility, provided you arrive before scheduled swim times (a schedule is available in the packet provided on your first day, as well as posted on the front bulletin board).

A change of clothes is recommended whether or not your child/children arrives ready to swim. It can get chilly being in the air-conditioned Annex (our “home base”) while wearing wet clothes.

How do swim lessons work?

Each Monday children are tested and placed in the appropriate swim LEVEL. During the week children are taught appropriately. At the end of the week children are retested, some children may remain in their level and some may up move up to the next level.

SWIM BASICS – Recommended skills for all to have around water

SWIM STROKES – Skills to support a healthy lifestyle

How many times does my child swim?

Twice per day. Mornings are swim instruction and afternoons are recreational swim.

What is my child can’t touch the bottom in the shallow end?

Any child that cannot touch the bottom or is not a h3 swimmer, which is determined by the lifeguard, must wear a life vest. The YMCA will provide life vests. Children are given a bracelet identifying them as deep end swimmers or shallow end swimmers. This is for the safety of all our children.

How do the field trips work?

The Monday before a field trip, we will post flyers about the trip with the following information:

  • Time to arrive to the Annex by
  • Approximate time that we will be returning to the Annex
  • What type of lunch to bring (brown bag or insulated) or if money for lunch will be required
  • Whether spending money is allowed
  • If you do send your child/children with spending money on a field trip, please make sure it is exact change. (We cannot make change with other campers’ money, nor are siblings always guaranteed to be in the same group or at the gift shops at the same time).
  • Various items they may need (like a towel, bathing suit, etc.)
  • A reminder for your child/children to wear their Summer Club shirt (if they do not have one, they will receive one on the first Wednesday they come to camp, but we do not have extra for campers that lose them).

Campers will also be split into groups depending on the field trip. (For example, at SplashDown groups will be determined by swim level, at Lake Compound groups will be determined by height, etc.) Groups will be approximately 8-15 children, supervised by 2-3 counselors.

Do we need to call if picking up early? Etc?

A phone call, email, note, or even just informing the morning staff is fine if you are picking up early. Morning staff will leave a note for the afternoon staff about what time your child/children should be ready to be picked-up.

However, if you are sending someone new to pick up your child a note/email is required, in addition to a photo ID upon his or her arrival.

Please note, for your child/children’s safety, some parents may even be asked to show ID at pick up the first few days your child/children are at camp because the staff that work in the morning differ from those who work in the afternoon.

Pick-up will be in the Annex after 5:00PM on most days, any earlier and we will be at Camp Greenknoll.

Whom do I notify if my child will be absent?

Parents should call Summer Club at 203.775.2840.

I need to be at work early. What can I do?

To meet the needs of the working parent, children may be dropped at Summer Club at 7:00AM and picked up no later than 6:00PM.

May I come to visit my child at Summer Club?

Yes, parents can visit the Summer Club at any time to observe their child. If concerns arise or special issues need to be addressed, parents are encouraged to speak personally with a staff member or the Summer Club director.

If I am unable to pick my child up in person, what is the procedure?

In the case where you cannot pick up your child and someone else will, we ask that you inform us. An email or fax stating the full name of the person may be sent. Your child’s safety is important to us, therefore unknown persons will be asked to present an I.D. to Summer Club staff.

Is there an emergency phone number?

YMCA Greenknoll Summer Club phone number is 203.775.2840. If we are outside and not able to answer the phone, you can leave a message or call the Camp Greenknoll office at 203.775.9363. Someone will be able to assist you.

Does my child need lunch every day?

Children must bring a lunch each day. There will be some field trips in which we cannot bring in any food into the venue, in such case you will have to send in lunch money. Lunches brought in by Summer Club children can be stored in the refrigerator. We do encourage you to pack lunch with an icepack. PLEASE DO NOT SEND IN PEANUTS/PEANUT BUTTER.

How should my child dress for Summer Club?

Dressing your child appropriately is important to ensure that your child has a good time at Summer Club. Shorts and t-shirts, sneakers and a sweatshirt are standard dress. No open toed shoes are allowed except on the pool deck. Swimming occurs daily, so a bathing suit and towel are necessary. It is helpful to have children use a backpack of some kind so they can keep track of their belongings. Clearly marking your child’s name on all clothing and towels will reduce the possibility of lost items.

What if it is raining?

In the event that there is liquid sunshine (rain) activities will be going on as scheduled. Summer Club is held despite liquid sunshine, so it is helpful to send rain gear with your child. Although outdoor activities will be available some exciting rainy day activities will be planned.

What can you tell me about the discipline policy?

It is the goal here at YMCA Summer Club Greenknoll to provide each child with a fun, healthy and safe summer experience. Children are treated equally and responsibility, caring, respect and honesty are the cornerstones for learning and understanding the Summer Club rules and abiding by them. Children may be given some time to “cool down” and the opportunity to discuss the problem with the staff. If progress were difficult we would ask you to help. If this is not productive, a day away from Summer Club will be discussed. Should behavior continue to be a problem after a full day time out, and then the child will be asked not to return to Summer Club.

If my child attends Summer Club am I able to get childcare tax credit?

Yes. A tax letter is sent out at the end of the year.

My child takes medication, what do I do?

As a licensed program, we must follow strict guidelines. You must fill out an Administration of Medication form, which gives us permission to administer medication. This is for both prescription and nonprescription medication. We cannot give any medication without this form being signed by the doctor and parent. Some staff will be trained in administration of medications. Medication can only be given by those staff. Medication must be in the original container and have the physician’s name, dosage and expiration date on it. All medication except for inhaler or Epi-Pen is kept locked up.

Can my child bring personal belongs to Summer Club?

We discourage children from bringing any personal belongings to Summer Club. The YMCA cannot and will not take responsibility for any person belongings.

What is Summer  Club’s policy on electronics?

Due to an open WiFi in our building, we ask that electronics devices with the ability to connect to WiFi remain at home. However, if your child/children do have devices that will not connect to WiFi, they may bring them in on Thursdays. Additionally, due to “screen time” policies, children will be limited to 30 minutes per day on these devices. If you choose to let your child/children bring in these devices, they are the responsibility of your child/children, not the staff at Summer Club or the Regional YMCA.

Any other helpful tips?

Label your child/children’s belongings! When towels, goggles, lunch boxes, etc. get misplaced, it is extremely helpful to staff if they find a name on the item in order to get it back into the right hands.

Check out the front bulletin board and table every week! It will have everything you need to know about what’s going on!

Summer Club Contact at Greenknoll:

Sean Turner
Camp Director
203.775.4444 x 103