RESET Challenge: Week 3


We’ve replaced our voice with our thumbs, our facial expressions with emojis, and our personal reactions are often reduced to a few ‘go-to’ pop-culture memes.

While the wide world of social media and connective technology continues to bring new blessings and possibilities to our lives, it also has frayed bonds and strained our human need for personal relationships.

This week, we will focus on finding new ways, and rediscovering old ways to RECONNECT with others.


Write your goals on the tracking sheet (below) and place it somewhere as a reminder (bathroom mirror). Find an accountability buddy to provide motivation. For additional resources and ideas on how to RESET view Join the RESET Facebook Community Group and share your journey with others!

RESET Challenge Contact:

Lisa O’Connor
Wellness Director
203.775.4444 x 135


Call or video call five people you have lost touch with.

This week’s focus is RECONNECT. We’ll discover ways for you to reconnect with family, friends, and accountability buddies. 

  • KIDS BINGO Tuesday at 4:00pm (Register here to receive BINGO Cards, 5 cards per person)
  • Invite a friend to participate in a virtual class with you  
  • Five days with 30 minutes of physical activity
  • Try our On-Demand fitness videos
  • Join a nationwide online Live Fitness classes
  • Try the Regional Y’s local Live Zoom classes

Virtual Social Hour

  • When:  Wednesday, February 17 at 7:00pm
  • Meeting ID:  968 6487 0542 
  • Passcode:  RESET
  • Have at least 2 family dinners this week  
  • Family Dinner Conversation Starter (View here)  
  • Connect with your family, no tech-tv for one night only engagement
  • Schedule a Zoom call or FaceTime with friends for a virtual dinner 
  • Call/video call a friend or family member you have lost touch with (bonus points if it’s someone you haven’t spoken to in a year or more)
  • Connect with your “Accountabilibuddy” for a zoom chat or workout  
  • Be a listener – intentionally engage with someone to actively understand their point of view and experience
  • Buy some stamps, a pack of notecards and write a thank you to someone who has impacted your life
  • Challenge a friend to the RESET Fitness Scavenger Hunt  
  • Challenge a friend to Fitness BINGO…who can get BINGO first? How many ways can you get BINGO in one week? FITNESS BINGO 
  • Progress check on the goals you set in Week 1 
  • 28 days to a healthier new you article
  • Don’t let “doing this challenge on my own” stop you from achieving your goals. Check out the National Accountability groups here and participate in one of the fun events coming up
  • If you haven’t joined the Regional Y’s local Facebook group, check in and share how you’ve been taking on the RESET Challenge.
  • Connect with yourself through a hike or trail walk. (Journal your experience!)
  • Interested in snowshoeing? Many of our RESET participants have been getting their minutes in this way. Head to our Facebook Group to find a snowshoe group! 
  • Lovers Leap State Park: Lovers Leap is a walk-in park with hiking trails, scenic vistas and historic ruins. The 160-acre park is divided into three sections, each featuring a different appreciation for the park history. Learn More. 
    • Address: Grove Street New Milford, CT 06776
  • Steep Rock Nature Preserve (Washington, CT): The 998-acre preserve offers hiking tails which follow the riverbanks and provide access into great hiking trails. Learn More.
    • Address: 67 Lower Church Hill Road, Washington Depot, CT 06794
  • Maricostas Nature Preserve (Washington, CT): 400-acres offering an array of landscapes, as meadows and farm fields blend with wooded ridges and wetlands.
    • Address: 124 Christian Street, New Preston, CT 06777 
  • Hidden Valley Preserve (Washington, CT): The 700-acre is mixed forest and meadows with wooded hillsides cascading into the River Valley below. Learn More.
    • Address: 198 Bee Brook Road, Washington Depot, CT 06794
  • Roxbury Land Trust Preserves: Learn More.
  • Deer Pond Farm Sanctuary (Sherman Audubon): Hiking trails and bird watching, no dogs allowed. Learn More.
    • Address: 57 Wakeman Hill Road Sherman, CT 06784

RESET Challenge Contact:

Lisa O’Connor
Wellness Director
203.775.4444 x 135