Camp Greenknoll

Camp Greenknoll

YMCA Camp Greenknoll is more than just a day camp; we are a facility that offers campers ages 3-15 years a place where they can be themselves. We give our campers the chance to build confidence through skill building activities, receive positive developmental experiences and encourage them to forge bonds with each other and staff. Campers experience a sense of achievement through opportunities in the outdoors and are welcomed to a physically and emotionally safe and stimulating environment.

Here at YMCA Camp Greenknoll we raise the B.A.R. with our commitment to Belonging, Achieving goals and Relationship building. Our campers are able to explore creativity, team work and leadership in a wide range of physical activities that influence lifelong healthy living. They have the opportunity to enjoy an outdoor environment where they develop an appreciation of nature. Campers also participate in a variety of activities from instructional swim, enrichment, STEM and art education among others that are designed to build confidence and learn to work as a team. Y-USA’s new swim structure is designed with a skill-based approach to help children become independent in the water and build confidence.

At YMCA Camp Greenknoll we don’t just have fun; we make memories!

Camp Greenknoll Contact:

Sean Turner
Camp Director
203.775.4444 x 103

At YMCA Camp Greenknoll there are 19 tribes or groups. Campers are placed in tribes based on the grade they areentering in the fall and their gender. The only exception is our youngest group and the CITs, which are Co-ed. There are three units, Unit 1which are the Pre-K through 2nd grade tribes, Unit 2 is, 3rd through 5th grade tribes and Unit 3, is 6th through 9th grade tribes. Each weekeach unit will have an all unit activity, which is design to build strong relationships with other campers.

Girls Grade in Fall Boys
Comanche 3 and 4 Years Old CO-ED Pre School
Chippewa K Zuni
Seneca 1 Cheyenne
Cayuga 2 Tuscarora
Cherokee 3 Onondaga
Wampanoag 4 Iroquois
Shoshoni 5 Seminoles
Pueblo 6 Mohican
Pawnee 7 Mohawk
Pequot 8/9 Apache
CIT 14-15 Years Old CO-ED

For campers ages 3 to 13 we offer our regular day camp program. During the regular camp day campers are grouped by gender and grade. Each group has a specific schedule of activities which they follow every day. Activities are age appropriate and may include Wood shop, Archery, Art and Drama, to name a few. Campers going into 6th grade and up will have the opportunity to choose from several different activities that they may want to participate in.

Every camper at YMCA Camp Greenknoll has the opportunity to have an instructional swim and a recreational swim. Campers are tested and place in a swim group based on their swimming ability. Campers that are tested into the deep end will receive a “deep end” bracelet and the same for shallow end swimmers. Campers that cannot touch the bottom of the shallow end or if the lifeguard deems it necessary, must wear a life vest.

group of kids and instructor posing for picture at camp

For campers ages 3 and 4 we offer a half-day option. Families may choose to enroll their campers in a full day or half-day program. Those families wishing to enroll their child half day may choose the morning session only (9am- 12pm). Our preschool group is co-ed and all participants must be potty trained. The half-day option is available for this age group only.

Our counselor in training program is focused on developing strong leaders through discussion, observation and supervised child interaction. This is a program for 14 and 15 years old serious about working with children and improving their leadership skills. CITs learn the value of teamwork, community service and decision-making through activities and mentoring. The most important part of the CIT program is the hands on experience they will have working with campers while being guided by the CIT Coordinator. Candidates are required to fill out a CIT application. Once the application is received an interview will be scheduled.

girls standing in a line at camp

$20 Registration Fee

The weekly fees for camp are as follows

Regular Day: $273 (July 4th week $233)

Preschool Full Day: $273/week ages 3&4 ONLY (July 4th week $233)

Preschool Half Day: $195/week ages 3&4 ONLY 9am – 12:30pm (July 4th week $168)

Counselor in Training (CIT): $200/week July 4th week $185

Pre and Post Camp: Camp open at 7a.m and closes at 6:30p.m. No additional fee.

For your convenience the YMCA accepts Master Cards, Discover, Amex, Visa, and debit cards

Due at the time of registration

$20 registration fee

First week payment

7am – 6:30pm. Our schedule begins at 9:00am and ends at 4:00pm. Campers are scheduled for a variety of different specials offered throughout the day. Some campers, 6th graders and up have their choice of activities during the afternoon.

Pre Camp 7:00am – 8:45am and Post Camp 4:00pm – 6:30pm. Pre and post camp is available to families that need to bring campers before the camp scheduled begins. It is also available for families that need campers to be at camp after our scheduled ends. There is no additional charge for pre or post camp.

7AM to 8:45           Pre-Camp    
Unit One Groups  Pre K – 2nd Grades     Unit Two  3rd – 5th Grades Unit Three 6th Grade and Up
Time                      Special Special Special
9:00 – 9:15           Open Ceremonies Open Ceremonies Open Ceremonies
9:25 – 9:55           Special/Free Time Special/Free Time Instructional Swim
10:05- 10:35        Special/Free Time Instructional Swim  Special/Free Time
10:45- 11:15        Instructional Swim Special/Free Time  Special/Free Time
11:25-11:55         Special/Free Time Special/Free Time Special/Free Time
12:05-12:30         Lunch  Lunch  Lunch
12:40- 12:55        Assembly Assembly Assembly
1:10 – 1:50           Special/Free Time Recreational Swim Special/Free Time
2:00- 2:40            Special/Free Time Special/Free Time Recreational Swim
2:50 – 3:30           Recreational Swim Special/Free Time Special/Free Time
3:50 – 4:00           Closing Ceremonies Closing Ceremonies Closing Ceremonies
Time Drop- Off & Pick-Up Procedures
7:00 – 8:40a Bridge Sign In: A crew member will be ready at the bridge between camp and the parking lot to sign your camper in.

Parking Lot Sign in: Tuesday to Friday beginning at 7:30 You can sign your camper in without leaving your car in the lower parking lot. Pull down to the lower parking lot and utilize the turn around. A crew member will be available to sign your child in and escort them over the bridge to camp.

8:40 – 9:00a Unit Leader Sign-In: The unit leader for each group will be in the main field by the playground. Please sign your camper in with the appropriate unit leader and a crew member will escort your camper to their group.
9:00a3:50p DROP OFF: After 9:00 am Sign in occurs in the camp office. A crew member will locate you camper’s group and escort them to their scheduled activity.

PICK UP: Prior to 3:50 Sign out occurs in the camp office. Please make sure that you have a photo ID available.  Please allow ample time for your camper to gather his or her belongings and report to the office. Keep in mind that the campers may be participating in swim and may require extra time to change their clothes. (Please see the daily camp swim schedule for details)

3:50 – 6:30p PICK UP: 3:50-6:30The sign out table will be located by the playground. Please allow time for your camper to gather his or her belongings and report to the sign out table. The older campers will be participating in activities at the far end of campus and may require extra time to make their way to the sign out area.

At Camp Greenknoll we have special days for special activities, what we like to call Fun Day Fridays. Each Friday is assigned a specific theme to which we have a wide variety of activities to engage our campers in. Depending on the Friday campers could be participating in a Luau with a hula hoop contest, chase the golden snitch in Greenknoll’s version of Quidditch, race to the finish in a bounce house obstacle course for color wars or chill out on a giant inflatable water slide. Our Fun Day Fridays give our campers the opportunity to interact with other campers and friends from different tribes and also gives them a chance for some friendly competition. Fridays are a chance to break out from routine and show some camp spirit.

Week 1

6/19 Game Show -Are you smarter than a 5th grader? Do you want to make a deal? Find out if you’ve got what it takes to take on our Greenknoll Game Show challenges!

Week 2

6/26 Let’s Cruise -Come adventure with us as we *cruise* from port to port at Camp Greenknoll. Campers can stop at a spot of the cruise ship like the pool or game hall for some bingo. Or stop at a port of call, which will give them the chance to participate in games and activities from around the world.

Week 3

7/3 Party at the Y -Celebrate America’s birthday with a classic American picnic and backyard game fun. Don’t forget to show your pride by wearing red, white and blue and/or stars and stripes!

Week 4

7/10 Happy Holidays -Christmas is July? And Halloween, Easter and St. Patrick’s Day too??? Join us at Camp Greenknoll as we celebrate the holidays in July. Feel free to dress up for your favorite holiday, whether it’s an elf for Christmas or a power ranger for Halloween. Just please leave the weapons at home.

Week 5

7/17 Carnival – Come one, come all, to Camp Greenknoll’s carnival! Play games, get prizes and have fun!

Week 6

7/24 Camp Show  – Campers will spend the week creating a one of a kind performance, which they will present on Friday, July 28th at 1:30pm. Parents are strongly encouraged to attend to see their camper in the spotlight.

Week 7

7/31 Summer Fiesta -Not just another Fun Day Party at YMCA Camp Greenknoll, but a Fiesta!

Week 8

8/7 Color Wars -The most anticipated and biggest rivalry of the summer, RED vs BLUE! Who will win this year’s color wars??? Will Red, the defending champions win again, or will Blue triumph and steal the title? Campers, don’t forget to wear your team’s colors all week. But, most importantly don’t forget to wear your teams color on Friday.

Week 9

8/14 Space -Blast off and explore the wonders of space.

Week 10

8/21 Amazing Race -Follows the clues, complete the challenges and get to the finish first. Can you work together as a team and figure out the clues before the time is up? Be prepared for some wacky challenges, just like in the TV show, you never know what you’ll have to do to win.

What is the difference between Camp Greenknoll and Summer Club?

YMCA Camp Greenknoll is an all outdoor camp with approximately 400 children broken into groups based on gender and grade. All activities are outdoors. Camp does not participate in field trips. Camp runs for 10 weeks.  Greenknoll Summer Club is a smaller program based indoors with no more than 50 children. Children in the Summer Club are for the most part, one group. Summer Club participates in one field trip per week. Summer Club runs for 8 weeks.

When does camp start and end?

Camp will begin on June 12th  and ends on August 25th .

Do I have to sign up for all ten weeks?

No. You can sign up for 10 weeks or 1 week. To get a more complete experience, most families sign up for 3 or more weeks.

How much does it cost to attend camp?

The cost per camp varies. Camp is $273 per week. Full day for children 3 and 4 years old is $273 per week. Half day for children 3 and 4 years old only (9:00 am – 12:30pm) is $195. CIT Program is $200 per week.

What are the Hours?

Both camp and Summer Club schedule activities are 8:45am- 4:00pm.  We have pre camp and post from 7:00am – 8:45am and from 4:00pm- 6:30pm for no extra cost.

What are the themes for this summer?

Week 1 June, 19th Game Show
Week 2 June 26th Cruise
Week 3 July 3rd  (Closed 7/4) Party at the Y
Week 4 July 10th Happy Holidays
Week 5 July 17th Carnival
Week 6 July 24th Camp Show
Week 7 July 3rd Summer Fiesta
Week 8 August 7th Color Wars
Week 9 August 14th Space
Week 10 August 21st Amazing Race


What are electives?

Electives are a variety of activities that will be offered each week from Monday Thursday. The choices will range from field games to art. They will vary from week to week. Campers will choose the activity for the week. They will not be able to switch because some elective will be limited.

How are the children divided into groups?

At YMCA Camp Greenknoll children are divided into group’s bases on gender and grade. For example a boy going onto 2nd grade will be in a “tribe” of all boys going into 2nd grade.

Do you provide transportation to YMCA Camp Greenknoll?

No. Transportation is the responsibility of the parent/guardian.

What do I do if I need to pick up my child early?

You must come into the office and sign out your child. A note is always helpful.

I need to be at work early. What can I do?

To meet the needs of the working parent, children may be dropped at camp at 7am and picked up no later than 6:30pm for pre and post camp. There is no additional cost for pre camp.

May I come to visit my child at camp?

Yes, parents can visit the camp at any time to observe their child and camp. Parents are required to check in with the camp director. If concerns arise or special issues need to be addressed, parents are encouraged to speak personally with their child’s counselor or the camp director.

If I am unable to pick my child up in person, what is the procedure?

In the case where you cannot pick up your child and someone else will, we ask that you inform the office. An email or fax stating to full name of the person may be sent. Your child’s safety is important to us. Unknown persons will be asked to present an I.D. to camp staff.

Is there an emergency phone number?

YMCA Greenknoll Camp phone number is 203.775.9363.  Someone is always available in the office during camp hours.

My child takes medication, what do I do?

As a licensed camp, we must follow strict guidelines. You must fill out a permission form and give the medication to the camp director or first aid provider in the original container, physician’s name, and dosage and expiration date. The medication is locked up and the first aid provider will administer the prescription per instructions from you and your physician. The permission form must also be signed by your child’s physician.

Does my child need lunch every day?

Yes, except on Fridays. Each Friday we have a hotdog cook, which is free. Campers should bring a brown bag type lunch, which will be stored in large lunch bags and brought to the walk in cooler until lunchtime. Clearly mark the campers name on lunch bags. No glass containers!!! Any food allergies your child has should be indicated on the medical form

How should my child dress for camp?

Dressing your child appropriately is important to insure that your child has a good time at camp. Shorts and t-shirts, sneakers and a sweatshirt are standard dress. No open toed shoes are allowed except on pool deck. Swimming occurs daily, so a bathing suit and towel are necessary. It is helpful to have children use a back pack of some kind so they can keep track of their belongings. Clearly marking your child’s name on all clothing and towels will reduce the possibility of lost items.

What if it is raining?

In the event that there is liquid sunshine (rain) at camp, activities will be going on as scheduled. Camp is held despite liquid sunshine, so it is helpful to send raingear with your child. Although outdoor activities will be available some exciting rainy day activities will be planned.

Whom do I notify if my child will be absent from camp?

Parents should call the camp at 203.775.9363

How many times does my child swim?

Each tribe swims twice per day. Mornings swim is instruction and afternoon is free swim.

If my child attends camp am I able to get childcare tax credit?

Yes. A tax letter is sent out at the end of the year.

Can my child bring personal belongs to camp?

We discourage children from bringing any personal belongings to camp. YMCA Camp Greenknoll cannot and will not take responsibility for any person belongings.

What can you tell me about the discipline policy?

It is the goal here at YMCA Camp Greenknoll to provide each camper with a fun, healthy and safe camp experience. Campers are treated equally and responsibility, caring, respect and honesty are the cornerstone for learning and understanding the camp rules and abiding by them. Campers may be given a time out and the opportunity to discuss the problem with the staff. If progress were difficult we would ask you to help. If this is not productive, a day away from camp will be discussed. Should behavior continue to be a problem after a full day time out, then the child may be asked not to return to camp.

Should I pack sunscreen and bug repellent?

Absolutely! If your child is sensitive to bug bites and sun, both are recommended. We ask you apply sunscreen in the morning before coming to camp. Younger campers will receive help applying sunscreen and older campers will be supervised. Campers will be encouraged to reapply during the day.

How does swim lessons work?

Each Monday children are tested and placed in the appropriate swim group. During the week children taught appropriately. At the end of the week children are retested, some children may remain in their group and some may up move up to the next group.

What if my child can’t touch the bottom in the shallow end?

Any child that cannot touch the bottom or is not a good swimmer, which is determined by the lifeguard, must wear a life vest. The camp provides life vests. Campers are given bracelet identifying them as deep end swimmers or shallow end swimmers. This is for the safety of all our campers.

Camp Greenknoll Contact:

Sean Turner
Camp Director
203.775.4444 x 103