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Thank You, 2020 Camp Families, For Believing in Us!

As we all settle into our new routine, I wanted to take a moment and reflect back on the summer.   What an amazing and interesting summer it was.  Our new campers didn’t get a chance to sing about shaving cream or about Boom-Chick-a-Boom, and our returning campers didn’t get a chance to teach new campers what it all means.

Yes, there were lots of changes and new norms that we all had to get used to.  In the end, we all can say we came away from YMCA Camp Greenknoll 2020 with lots of memories and some new friendships.   YMCA Camp Greenknoll would not have been successful without the help of amazing families like yours.

On behalf of the counselors, lifeguards and the leadership team, thank you, thank you for believing in us.

We are looking forward to another great summer at YMCA Camp Greenknoll 2021!

YMCA Camp Greenknoll is more than just a day camp; we are a facility that offers campers ages 3-15 years a place where they can be themselves. We give our campers the chance to build confidence through skill building activities, positive developmental experiences and encouraging them to forge bonds with each other and staff. Campers experience a sense of achievement through opportunities in the outdoors and are welcomed to a physically and emotionally safe and stimulating environment.

Here at YMCA Camp Greenknoll we raise the B.A.R. with our commitment to Belonging, Achieving goals and Relationship building. Our campers are able to explore creativity, team work and leadership in a wide range of physical activities that influence lifelong healthy living. They have the opportunity to enjoy an outdoor environment where they develop an appreciation of nature. Campers also participate in a variety of activities, including instructional swim, enrichment, STEAM, art education, and others that are designed to build confidence and teach teamwork. Y-USA’s new swim structure is designed with a skill-based approach to help children become independent in the water and build confidence.

At YMCA Camp Greenknoll we don’t just have fun; we make memories!

Camp Greenknoll Contact:

Sean Turner
Camp Director
203.775.4444 x 103

Here at YMCA Camp Greenknoll our goal is to keep campers and staff as safe as we can. Therefore, we are implementing some new policies, in accordance with guidelines we have received from the Office of Early Childhood and the State of Connecticut. First, we are limiting the amount of people on camp grounds the best way we can. If any parent/guardian or family member needs to come into the office for any reason, they are REQUIRED to wear a face covering and have their temperature checked. Second, staff will wear a face cover; campers are not required to wear a mask, but if a parent or guardian asks that their camper wear a face covering, we will do our best to make that happen.

Below are some changes for the summer.

The camp hours for this summer will be 8AM to 5:30PM. (No early drop off or late pick up) Children must bring lunch from home, daily. 

Traveling Outside of the State of Connecticut or the Country

In accordance with Governor Lamont’s Executive Order 7BBB, effective June 25, 2020, we will require children and staff that attend/ work at our program to self-quarantine at home for 14 days upon return if they have traveled to a state with a high infection rate of Covid-19.  The State of Connecticut maintains an information page related to COVID-19 including the travel advisory and all residents are encouraged to consult it regarding their travel and any subsequent need for self-quarantine. This information can be found at:

The list of affected states will be updated on a regular basis as the situation develops across the country. The term of this policy will coincide with the travel advisory or until Executive Order 7BBB expires. In addition, families that travel out of the country will also be required to self-quarantine for a period of 14 days.

First Aid

Two areas:

  • The nurses office will have two separate entrances. The entrance at the backside of the building will be used as a first aid station for campers to cool down or those with aches and pains. The nurse entrance through the hallway in the bays will be used as a first aid station for campers with bumps and bruises.
  • An isolated room inside will be available for anyone with a temperature of 100 degrees or higher

Anyone with temperature of 100 degrees or higher must leave camp and not return until fever free for 24 hours without aid of medication.


  • Counselors will wear face coverings
  • Campers are not required, but if a parent asks, we will make sure their child is wearing their face covering
  • Frequent hand washing
  • Hand washing stations will be added throughout camp
  • Additional porta-potties will be brought in
  • Frequent sanitizing of the bathroom, porta-potties, playground and equipment
  • Registration for the following week must be received by the Wednesday of the prior week.

Rainy Days

We will continue to run camp as we normally do on a rainy day. Some of our groups will have use of the bays, we will have tents for some groups, and we’ll have additional space at the Y’s main building and in the School Age Program area for sudden or threatening weather.

COVID Cleaning Procedures

In the midst of COVID-19, Camp Greenknoll will be implementing more strict and frequent cleaning/disinfecting procedures to ensure the safety and health of all campers and staff.

High trafficked areas such as the bathrooms/changing areas, playgrounds, porta-potties, etc. will be sanitized frequently.

All other cleaning procedures will be done on a daily basis.

Visitors/Early Pickup

  • Traditionally, we encourage parents and families to visit their campers any time they desire, but due to the circumstances with COVID, visitors will not be permitted at camp until further notice
  • A walkie talkie will be placed at the end of the further bridge. There will be a sign directing parents to use the walkie to communicate with the office to let us know your name and the child’s name you are picking up
  • Office staff will then come down to the bridge to check your ID (have your ID ready!)
  • In the event that a parent needs to come to the office for further questions  or has to follow up with office administration, their temperature will be taken
  • Parents or guardians who come into camp are required to wear a mask at all times!

What to Bring

  • Bathing Suit
  • Towel
  • Sunscreen
  • Sneakers
  • Water Bottle- Reusable preferred
  • Packed Lunch Everyday (Will be stored in the walk in fridge)
  • Flip Flops (if desired)
  • Change of clothes (if desired)
  • Goggles (if desired)
  • Life jackets are provided  

How to Register Online for YMCA Camp Greenknoll

  1. Visit; in the top right corner click “My Account.”
  2. From there please login, or create an account if you are new to the Y. When filling out the information for your account, please use your child’s name.
  • If you are currently a member of the Y but do not have an online account, you can create an account using your email or cell phone number the YMCA has on file for you.  If you are not currently a Y member, you will be given an option to create an online account. Choose “Sign Up”, choose Greenknoll as the location, and choose “non-member” as your membership type.
  • You should log in as the primary on the account and then you will gain access to all members on the account for which you want to register. If you are having trouble logging in or creating your account, please call the Y at (203) 775 4444.
  1. Click on Programs, then click on YMCA Camp Greenknoll
  2. Select the first week you are registering for. If you are registering for more than one week, select “Register for multiple offerings for this camp (8 more)” located at the top of the page, and select the additional weeks.
  3. Select the weeks you would like your child to attend camp, and complete the online registration form.
  4. To register an additional camper select “Add More Programs.”
  5. Please direct any questions about registration to

Important items to Know:

  •  Online registration must be completed for the following week by the Tuesday of the prior week.
  • If you wish to register after Tuesday, a paper registration must be received in the camp office by Wednesday of the prior week no later than 5PM.
  • Camp registration is limited to 250 campers for 2020

Theme weeks for 2021 will be revealed next year!

2021 Camp Fees will be updated prior to open registration.

Information Coming Soon.

Hour Camp Day is from 8:00am – 5:30pm. (No early drop-off or late pick-up) Campers are scheduled for a variety of different specials offered throughout the day.

Camp registration is limited to 250 campers for 2020.

Coming Soon!

The Y is giving kids their Best Summer Ever! The YMCA Camp Greenknoll offers a mix of fun and educational activities aimed at improving kids’ well-being. Our programs center on three areas proven to impact kids’ development: Relationship, Achievement and Belonging.

The Y has been a leading provider of summer camp for over 150 years and continues to provide youth with an enriching experience. We ensure that campers are in a safe environment with caring YMCA staff that instill positive values that help build character.

Camping at the Y is a fun and unique experience that gives youth the opportunity to discover their full potential, meet new friends, play and create memories that last a lifetime.

YMCA Day Camp provides a safe and affordable opportunity for youth to participate in activities in which campers will have the opportunity to create arts and crafts, swim, appreciate nature, enrichment, STEAM, make lasting memories, and better understand our many cultures. Campers will build self-confidence, appreciate teamwork and sportsmanship while gaining independence as they nurture their sprits, challenge their mind and strengthen their bodies.

The Y works to help youth discover their full potential by providing opportunities to learn, grow and thrive amidst caring, supportive adults. Through the Y’s day camp program, kids participate in fun and educational activities that help them with:

  • ACHIEVEMENT – Learn and master skills that help them realize their passions, talents and potential.
  • RELATIONSHIP – Build friendships with new friends and staff role models adding to their well-being.
  • BELONGING – Help them feel like they belong so they feel safe, welcome and free to express their individuality.

Camp Greenknoll WILL have use of the pool!

Information coming soon.

Drop Off

  • Drop off time will be from 8AM to 9:15AM
  • Traffic will be one way in and one way out
  • Staff will come to your car where we will ask families to check their camper’s temperature. Temperature will be verified by YMCA staff.
    • Those with a temperature of 100 degrees or higher, camper will not be allowed at camp and cannot return for 24 hours fever free for 24 hours without the aid of medication

Screening questions that will be asked of each family are:

    • Does your camper have shortness of breath or difficulty breathing?
    • Does your camper have a cough?
    • Has your camper or a member of your family knowingly been in contact with anyone with COVID-19?
  • Families are required to wear a face covering when dropping off campers
  • Staff will walk campers to their counselors.
  • Campers that arrive after 9:15AM must be brought to the office to sign in
  • Adults MUST wear a face covering while on camp grounds

Pick Up

  • Pick up time will be from 4PM – 5:30PM
  • Parents will park in the designated parking area and come to the pickup tables. There will be 4 tables set up for pick-up in a parent waiting area
  • A face covering will be required while you are picking up your camper
  • Staff will radio for your camper and the camper will be brought to the waiting area. We are asking families to be patient, as this may take a few minutes depending on where the group is located and how many kids are being picked up at that time.

Camp Greenknoll Contact:

Sean Turner
Camp Director
203.775.4444 x 103